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Pity that hating’s easy and understanding takes effort…

Nostalgia is something that I’ve always been a sucker for. Never sure whether this loving of memories is a blessing or a curse in itself and I’d assume that not so subtly subconsciously, it is something of a coping mechanism that I’ve always had; you can control the past and use to – as inaccurate as it may be – make some sense of life. A narrative explaining why my existence has ended up as it is, has ever been welcome. As flawed as it is accurate, we all surely have to be comfortable in our perception of ourselves. This is all fine, I just can’t help believing that, for all of its benefits and sins, the contemporary backdrop of information being channeled with such ease, will continue to divide as much as it unites. If we’re not careful in all of us being forced to mold the information provided to us so that it fits-in with that of our affiliates and those who think alike. Then we’re all as equally woke in our own minds as we are bigoted in our sheltered opinions in being threatened by difference aren’t we?

It is sad that the reduction in attention span that the contemporary backdrop can be said to have afforded us means that there is a reduced need to persevere in finding a collective cause or understanding of anything that reaches an overall goal. We love being obsessed with the nuances and irrelevant intricacies of things as opposed to teaming up with those who think differently to us in order to build at least some common ground. Shaming others seems be a source of sanctity judging by much of the rhetoric that gets thrown around. Well of course it has to be far easier to vehemently object to perceived negativity out there, than to come work towards focusing on finding common ground. This is largely why I feel that the most selfish side of the right-wing are so triumphing over the wannabe self-less part of the left-wing at the moment.

What I am trying to say, in as long-winded a way, is that I wish we could all become less obsessed with establishing why our view of the world is correct in its own right. Without confronting the fact that if we wish to live in any kind of democracy other than our own version of a benevolent dictatorship, we have entertain and tolerate people with a different view of the world. All of our needs and desires have to pretty much be the same. Evening the gap between the accesses that we have towards fulfilling them has to be at the forefront of the way for a better world.

I’d find it incredibly refreshing to see our commentators remove the focus away from their own frame of reference in being more understanding of the reasons that may cause other people to think differently. Then we have to be able to work together to come out with the best outcome. This is the socialism that I’ve always wanted to be part of; it’s just such a pity that it’ll never be realised whilst the movement’s ever obsessed with pillaging anybody else who doesn’t conform to their narrow church. Until the left can veer away from a perception of holding the high-way of doing things, but can relearn to embrace a clear facet of those most needing of its help, In can’t see its days of being a metropolitan misfit coming to an end.

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