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SNAPSHOT is a work that could perhaps be described as something of a male Bridget Jones. Although, it is more akin to a stream of consciousness than diary entries, it is as painstakingly frank and honest in chartering the pressures of life as a young male millennial; transcending the exclusivity of gender lines. Darren Brown is facing a plethora of delights and difficulties as he growingly comes of age in a world which forces you to focus on instant gratification, where all is growingly disposable.

Journeying alongside a likeable, if not equally flawed persona, you can gain a brutally honest insight into the confusion caused towards a generation who has been fed a myth of ambiguous guidelines in order to attain a fulfilling life. Confronted is the painstaking reality of us being sold something that is untenable?

Throw this vulnerability into a quest to attain love with patriarchy being reversed and you can enjoy and be enriched through a compelling work of fiction….

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