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The world needs to be more equal: can us Left battle our opponants rather than each other?

Without wanting to sound too much like an embittered Daily Mail reader, the state of the running of our country [U.K.] really has gone to the dogs.

I mean, as much as I deplore Thatcher and everything that she represented in promoting

sheer selfishness under the guise of individual freedom (translating to increased tyranny of the wealthy few against the hardworking many), at least she was consistent. Now, I feel that we have been left with a dictatorship of money under the cronies of Johnson and Sunak. Within our supposed bastion of developed democracy are now faced within an oligarchy in which corruption, deceit and avarice are warranted at the expense of the masses in favour of a despotic elite. At least before, I felt that to whatever extent I deplored a leader, there would automatically be checks and balances in place, to ensure the protection of our freedoms.

Now, I am not confident that this exists any longer. The amount of wealth amongst those ruling over us makes my stomach turn; their even possessing it aside, it’s the celebration and ability with which we seem to have allowed to let the hoarders of it be afforded with the ability to have control over our lives and dictate our destiny. When it comes down to it, our apathy and desperation to be afforded some security in our volatile capitalist world; when it comes down with it, it feels as though we can do little other than just grumble as we’re intimidated into protecting ourselves. I mean, we may as well just go back to times prior to 1642, before any English Revolution had occurred and opt for absolute monarchal power; at least there was honesty to the weight of birthright. It has to be wrong for any leaders of any country to face the quantity of privilege that our current status quo have been indulged with such as Etonian educations and spouses with a fortune in excess of a billion pounds!

It is the sense of entitlement that riles me the most. This may often correlate with those privy to a significant sum of money, this is not exclusive. For all of its pros and cons, social media has definitely instigated ant urge that people may have to advertise our opinions and reduce any worthy discussion down to a pithy sound bite. This is whilst we are encouraged to herd-up and unite with people who think alike in facing polar opposite opinions. The middle-ground is lost and forgotten in the backwaters and we are reduced to infants lobbing dirt at each other as compromise and discussion have almost become dirty words.

This then forces us to deem our view of the world as sacred, which is to be guarded through the condescension and ridicule of other beliefs as we get swept-up in the divine right of our belief system. It is superiority complex that I see as the root of all evil. In whichever form this takes, the notion that somehow decisions that are taken or choices that are made are less worthy than your own is a dangerous road to cross and bridges are rarely going to be crossed in daring to have the audacity to see yourself as better than anybody else. Some even seem to get sadder than themselves at coming to terms with their delusions of grandeur.

The crux of the issue in my eyes, is that our left-wing forces have become completely detached from being controlled by or representing the working-class. Instead, we are consumed by the have battle within our progressive voices between the putrid manufactured notion of a so-left soft-left and a hard-left breed of us middle-classes. What is has left is a big hole that anybody actually depending on power being – as I believe the vast majority of people desire – seized from this incompetently hideous silver spoon cretins in charge of governing our country.

As always, the elites dominate the debate. The concerns that are raised are then increasingly removed from reality and placed in the hands of hypocritical idealists that have only profited from being achievers within our system that they so despise. Irony and self-recognition have ever been blind spots of this creed.

The way that I see it, is that we are can all be irrational, illogical, spontaneous, caring, learned, senseless, constructive, busy, ruthless, understanding and a billion other adjectives in equal proportion. The point here that I am trying to make is that we have a beautiful uniqueness and uniqueness that it’s foolhardy to thing will ever agree on much extreme en-masse. The way that people think, should not be controlled.

The chance to then make any real change occur in a viable way, is to enable us to be all more equal and economically, is the only true power that this can be achieved. It’s always side-lined through namby-pamby arguments such as “but inflation will just go-up and small new businesses will never stand a chance…” being one such argument. I do not feel that it can be complicated to legislate in order to ring-fence and protect these ventures, which also taxing corporate giants through the roof!

So to conclude, all that I am begging is that us masses can stop being so passive in allowing ourselves to be controlled and manipulated by supposed conquerors of knowledge. Let’s prove that real wisdom is found our own experience and use this to fight against the system as opposed to resign ourselves to convince ourselves that it is impossible to change.

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