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Mind your own busyness!

Updated: May 29, 2019

I am doubtful that there is much ranking any lower in terms of anybody’s noticing than the fact that I haven’t churched out a blog in a few months.

The absence of any recent lack of self-indulgent blogging is largely due to a number of reasons that I shan’t bore anybody with.

Whilst the little (don’t feel it now, but whatever wisdom my 30 years placed upon this planet has taught me allows me to know that with a bit of perspective, things come out in the wash!) stresses that I have shall all soon be ironed out (continuing with a laundry analogy). Then I shall probably choose to inflict them on here. Warning rather than spoiler-alert I know.

Anyway it is in my experience, at times of any anxiety, that the old tendency to rant – the more inadvertent the more fitting – about things that really are without any concern or consequence. Maybe it’s just me. Believe it or not, underneath my composed (?) exterior, can lie an angry – reckon I’m getting a bit too old to glorify myself as one of Alan Sillitoe’s young – man. I could go around the houses for ages equating the pros and cons of feeling consumed – however overly, it’s all relative – by an emotion widely portrayed as negative.

Probably the focusing on anger that I have here some deflection from having to address what the crux of your concern. Still, at least I feel that correctly handled anger is more honest and transparent than covert guises of self-protection.

Like any relationship that is ever had by people with things as drink and drugs, it’s almost impossible to accurately equate a balance between the positives from the negative effects of anger. I’ll always draw the line at whether you are directly hurting anybody else or not. I recognise that this is such a toxic grey area in itself.

Writing this in a state of feeling a bit unnecessarily tired and run-down (metaphorically more than anything else), is probably only a vague justification of how I am exposing a weakness of structure that I have. Anybody who has ever been confronted with any of my academic work would be able to testify of this!

However tenuously, I’ll try to make allowance for my going around off-piste in trying to claim that as long as you’re not asserting yourself over anybody else, feel free to do as you wish. Bringing it back to the ranting situation, I’ll just end on a little outburst as something that’s particularly come to the forefront of my little annoyances recently.

That is in people throwing that worn out and closed card of ‘I’ve been busy’ around. It is the most conveniently vague response to any challenge to anybody on why they haven’t yet gotten back to you. In this they are choosing to emphasise their superiority over you in terms of having greater productivity and significance


Of course we all get busy and if people just explain what’s caused a lengthy response it’d be fine. We all forget things, have life emergencies and have to prioritise. Just don’t flack us off with some piss-taking style excuse. Nobody cares about how busy you may be, but we do care about you having the self-importance to feel obliged to let me know.

Ha, jeez the burst of irreverence and windy road of this blog definitely tells me that I need to quit whilst I’m just this far behind.

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