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COVID: it’s a long way down from a high horse

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

First thing’s first, I’d never wish to underplay the severity of COVID or exert a judgement on whatever precautions that individuals choose to enforce to afford themselves feeling safe.

The real grey area must then be concerning how much somebody acts or neglects to adjust their habits in accordance to the pandemic; that hopefully shall soon become an endemic. An element that I have always found both inevitable, yet still bewildering is the confidence that people can have over exerting their opinions over how we should all act in light of how to conquer this phenomenon. At times in has almost felt as though we’re trapped in a dark tunnel, with no real offer towards any light at the end. Some of the true colours that COVID has drawn out in people is revealing. The self-righteous nature that our pandemic has seemed to license within people is something that I couldn’t find more depressing.

One of the most striking elements of the justifiable endless rhetoric that with which we've been forced to try and digest for almost 2 whole years, is how people are so quick to launch within their transparent insecurity in suffering the rest of us to unquestionably believe their supposed expertise. Whilst I grant that medics have an advantage in holding increased kudos over the best way to navigate this recent killer virus, of course they don’t even all agree on the science and the health aspect of the pandemic is but one strata of the suffering that it has caused. With this in mind, the confidence that people have in their own dogmatic opinions, regardless of whatever qualifications that they may hold, is something that I find appalling. What I have always felt that the collective dictating our rules upon COVID are, is devoid in owning any sort of holistic understanding that incorporates an effective balancing of opinion. As always, the most deprived in our society have suffered the greatest hardship and with this, I feel compelled to launch into just how much I despise and loath what I suppose that I am ashamedly forced to be a part of; we soft chattering classes of middle class do gooders and good for nothing intellectual liberals.

The pinnacle of this is, in my eyes at least, elitism. This is in itself representative of our crassness, in daring to have the condescension in their own delusions in actually believing that they are morally and ethically superior because they tick all of the boxes in striving for a more equal society. Whilst they have pillaged their entire existence within the world through basking in the arrogance I their scholarly superiority whilst through displaying a genuine thickness to feel that this translates to a great deal of rounded merit in understanding the plight of those that struggle most. Let alone possess the means to empathise with anybody else without conveying judgment as to what course of action they should take or the wrong that they are doing in the actions that they are taking.

Hysteria is the most natural and inevitable bed fellow of any global crisis. The certainty with which people can express their absolute mindset on what we should do eradicate COVID has a feat that I have ever found astounding. The contemporary social media world seems to propogate the lecturing along with blinkered mind-set from prevailing above discussion upon how society should best cope to breeds further division rather than solution.

Hypocrisy is what I see as central to the supposedly ‘caring’ upper echelons of society. Of course, they’ll be trained in a way proficient enough to ‘own’ and ‘recognise’ their privilege, whilst simultaneously voicing their views as though they’ve got the God given right to have fervent command of the moral high ground. It goes beyond pathetic. Now, of course they can reflect and challenge their opinions vociferously with one another; amongst their ‘own sort’ that is, as those lower types are just not worthy of having their thoughts entertained. They’ll love to throw around labels such as populist, right of the Labour Party. Best of luck with chastising their own side, who of course have only held a position of power for 30 of the last 120 years – according to the institute for global change in 2020 – rather than face up to the true nature of the beast, which in my eyes is the focus of the true left wing have lost any representation. Instead, we are faced with a walking-talking advert that of Thatcher’s long-term victory. This is in that, our so called progressive voices fail to act for the interests of the collective, as instead they propagate individualism, which echoes our obsession with putrid identity politics, which tend to beckon towards the concerns of the upper strata of society, as opposed to those forced into a hand-to-mouth existence.

What really turns my stomach, is the fact that those who consider themselves to be the voice of the underclass, are in a more ultimate sense, those of us that have molded themselves to play and best succeed within our capitalist system, with which they’ll always claim to so berate. There is just a real lack of acceptance amongst many of the benefactors from the system, with an inability in our university educations and prosperous jobs, to recognise privilege on anything but our own terms. It is ever far easier to be an ignored victim from the sidelines in exerting superiority and judgment over anybody that holds a view contrary to your own than to actually negotiate. Energy is then devoted to the complete wrong causes.

The ultimate paradox is of those who deem themselves to be the most subversive are in actual fact just so unoriginal and band-waggony in the outlook that they express. As I’ve definitely offered mumblings upon before, there is such a black and whiteness to the supposed liberal mindset many of the achievers possess. The challenges that have been posed between me and my American New York City inhabiting fiancé in being separated through much of this – we are definitely far from alone in this situation – are just overlooked. Of course the insanity of those claiming to be catering for the interests of humanity through dictating the restrictions that other people live their lives should not just be accepted Their inability to place themselves in anybody else’s shoes just highlights how blinkered and self-absorbed they can be.

In terms of COVID, I accept that the crisis is far from over, but I am sick of being championed to go through a long and winding road that seems to only lead into a tunnel with no tangible ending. Every decision that society ever makes should always be geared towards protecting the most vulnerable and there is such a wealth of bitter irony in the fact that restrictions designed to save the weakest burden them the most. For example, I can’t even begin to express how angered I am by the contemporary version of Upstairs Downstairs that lockdowns produce i.e. the servants of Deliveroo drivers putting their life on the line so that they can cater for the nutrition of the master class from behind their computer. In supposedly acting for those at the lower end of the social spectrum, all that closing society can really so, is widen the gap long-term.

So whilst I’d never profess to have any real testament on what should necessarily next be done, only I am desperate for everybody to just respect other people’s choices. I think that deep down, people can and do, it is just that the snapshot mindset of forums and such like, encourages divisions in magnifying the divide between people who otherwise largely yearn for similar outcomes. As always, I feel that people need to establish ways of bringing ourselves together, rather than to divide and for differences to become more pronounced.

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