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Corona's a prophet of crude capitalism

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Far be it from me to be able to offer a macroeconomic picture of how to manage global recession. Inevitably this shall be a state in which the International Monetary Fund (IMF) shall deem the world shall be in in the aftermath of the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Yes, America, United Kingdom and Brazil have succeeded in proving themselves to be the most incapable nations in preventing their citizens from death; scoring gold, silver and bronze. They’re also some of the supposed most affluent countries. What a coincidence.

Neoliberalism has to then be the greatest killer. Since the 1980s, a perilously draconian trading-off of any healthy protection that a holistic society can provide has been almost ridiculed as a hindrance to individual freedom. Greed has become an enviable forte in reflection of how the rich have continuously become richer over this period and the poor have gotten consistently poorer. It was always a fallacy in itself, but anybody even acknowledging the benefits of a fantastical ‘trickle-down’ theory of wealth, must see that whatever droplets of information they were hydrating themselves through have long dried-up.

There’s no point in us debating principles or virtues as to why this is the case; it is but a fact. I am going on the optimistic premise that any sane person with any imbued moral compass classifying a stark division in our society as permissible is just selfish. With probable sociopathic tendencies to boot, but I’m no psychiatrist! Anyway, back to case in hand:

Enriched societies in providing the most provision to their inhabitants are conquering COVID-19 with far better success than those cradling the hierarchy of power. We would be doing even more of a disservice to the world and ourselves along with future generations, not to take note of the lessons that this putrid pandemic has afforded. Let’s alter the course of events before it is too late and look towards working alternatives to the current flailing system and in respecting the ubiquity of COVID-19, map out an alternatively nurtured globe.

Communism has only given us an indication of its perils after being imposed and exploited by a state akin to an oligarchy. You only need read Orwell’s Animal Farm [1945] to be afforded an accessible allegory against the threat of something egalitarian soon being susceptible to corruption. Advocating socialism’s imposition through electing socially democratic forces would be my vision for the healthiest way for society to progress allowing the greatest mutual wealth and prosperity.

Alas, this ship has now set sail from the UK for in excess of a decade. Regardless of the extent to which individuals can deem that we sacrificed our social consciousness from the election of Thatcher in May 1979, no viable opposition to a Tory Government has succeeded through emerging victorious at a General Election since May 2005. Without scoring points in debating the causes of obstacles presenting and the onuses of responsibility for this fact, we must surely all agree that society needs to change in tangible ways of propping up the working majority rather than a dictatorial minority.

This dastardly state should unite us all. The closest that I believe we came to anything resembling a wartime ‘blitz-spirit’ was brazenly sacrificed once Dominic Cummings flouted his own rules with a familial trip to Barnard Castle as early as the 12th of April. This testified the notion of one rule for those at the height of the pyramid to allow for an unashamed trampling of us obedient minions down below. Satire and free capacity to criticize are a pivotal element of any free society. What we appear to have lost is an ability for mockery and scrutiny to hold our rulers to account, as so many within our current status quo cannot represent the capacity to allow for this to effectively happen. Real versions of Spitting Image puppets lose their essence of humour. Perhaps I can be overly vengeful, but silver spoons being made to choke on for so many in our executive born with one in their mouth, would feel so deserved, along with overdue.

So let’s hope that en-masse we’ll be able to pool our resources into molding strong societies. Our system for classifying the successes of a society has to change from the number of ‘property owners’ to the number of ‘homeless’ to give any accurate glance into the nature of their functionality.

We seem incapable of realizing the stark shame in country’s with the highest proportion of capital having the largest numbers of people dying. The bitter irony. Can we not all unite to strive for system in which we do not focus on pooling resources amounting to an elite having the ability to exert power, but see that we can amass far greater overall power in allowing us to all have the ability to shape our destiny together?


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